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Deftones @ The House of Blues in Hollywood

I went to the show last night and even though I enjoyed the show, it wasn't worth the money that was spent. They played for an hour and half, and for the middle 30 minutes (maybe 40) they totally rocked my socks off, but the beginning and end was weak, which is a way no show should end.

I would suggest catching the Deftones in a show with a larger line up. This way they focus more on their set list and rock the entire time they are on stage...this way you get your money's worth since you're seeing just more than one band.

...was anyone else at the show last night? If so, did you see that guy by the left side of the stage vomit from the stage all the way by the bar? It got all over my friend's shoe, and so many mosher boys fell in it...and it never became less amusing...
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