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The Brothers gonna work it out

"But it’s not merely that the Chems were beginning to seem outdated—that would be of no consequence if the music were still phenomenal—they seemed, in James Murphy’s immortal words, to be losing their edge, losing sight of their singular strengths as they receded further and further from the spotlight. It’s a small hop from obscurity to irrelevance."
outdated you say... losing their edge you say... well yes The Chemical Brothers are not the same band i grew up listening to and yes the last two albums are not nearly innovating as their 90' work but i tell you this i've been to two of their concerts in two days, one at Hammerstein the other at Mccarren pool, both were packed, the energy level they bring with them is incredible (and i go to a lot of concerts), the visuals just blew people away. so i tell you this the Chem's kick some serious fucking ass i will go see them again any given day. 
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